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Today's QotD was suggested by JerryandMary. Jerry recently came across this article talking about Crash Data Recorders, or "black boxes."

Vehicles have been equipped with "black boxes" since 1974 (GM was the first), but in the 1990s, they started actually recording data that can detail how you drive. They are tied in with the airbag system, and they record the speed, braking, acceleration, and other data for the period five seconds before an accident.

Opponents argue that it is too "Big Brother" and basically amounts to spying on drivers. Proponents, on the other hand, think they are an invaluable tool for accident reconstructions. In some cases, this data has been used to get convictions in deadly crashes.

So what do you think? Are these black boxes a tool that can help investigators, or do they step over the line and violate your privacy?

Tell us in the comments!

(By the way, you can find out if your car has a black box here.)