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I finally had a Corvette Challenge race that didn't get rained out.
We had 2 rain delays on Saturday, but did finish the event.
It was the first race with the new governor in the Vette. I had to change out the custom one because it was set up for a new intake manifold that never went on the motor. The 5800 shift points were too high even for a modified TPI intake system.
The day started out great, on the way to Englishtown the Vette was running strong and getting 31 MPG at 75 MPH. Once at the track everything was still looking good. It had rained at the track before I arrived and while everybody else was busy drying their Vettes all I needed to do was wipe off the water that splashed up from the puddles in the pits. I lower the pressure in the drag radials and was ready to finally race again.
I knew I was going to have a bad day when the new governor shifted the trans from 1st to 2nd at 3200 RPM, way too low. The 2/3 shift was an acceptable 5000 RPM.
The first time trial which turned out to be the only one we got was a very disappointing 14.887 @ 92.31 MPH. This from a Vette that runs consistent low 13 second passes. I was very lucky in the first round because my opponent was in the same position, not knowing where to dial his Vette. I settled on a dial of 14.8 and won the race on a double breakout with a 14.70 @ 94.60 MPH. I now had 2 runs on the weather station and it gave me a prediction of 14.40 and I dialed a 14.45. This time the weather station was way off (not enough runs) and even though I won on the tree I was way off my dial running a 14.759 @ 93.97 MPH and was done for the day.
The worse part of the last race was smoke coming out the rear about 2/3 down the track. The car was fine all the way home without any smoke at all even when I push it hard on the way home.
The next race is July 12 and I'm hoping to have a new governor installed to get the shifts back up to the 5000 RPM for all gears and get back down into the 13s again.
I'd still say a bad day racing is better than a good day of anything else and after Saturday's disappointments, that is still true.