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if anyone has previously been to the country music hall of fame here in nashville in 80s and early 90s youll remember that they had on display an 80 trans am from smokey and the bandit 2 along with burt and jerrys costumes.after they moved to 5th ave they put the trans am in storage but i was told in mid 90s that it was giving back to jerry reed cause they only could display it for a certain amount of time then give it back and the car was the only one to survive the production of part 2 and was givin to jerry which is false as of the 4 80 TTAs used in part 2 they were all totaled and had to be givin back to pontiac cause they werent allowed back on the road(see super stock mag 1980) and it also sported the door gaurds that ran from fenders to back quarter which kept it from getting parking lot dings which movie car didnt have,it also sported the cloth hobnail seats which the movie car sported vinyl,it also didnt have power locks as movie car had,it also didnt have the cb antenna or mounting hole from it and it had "bandit" on both doors as movie car was only on driver door,but anyway it was nice so on with my story as i said they told me in mid 90s they gave it back to jerry reed well after he passed i figured his daughters would be selling it so i called the CMHF and they sent me to archives department where a guy told me that they still had the car and it was in storage and they have no intentions of ever putting it back out for show cause of no im gonna post their number and maybe we can get this car back out so it can be viewed by trans am and smokey and the bandit lovers.615-416-2001 ask for archives and maybe if we complain or show alot of intrest we can get it back on display.this is the history ive collected about this car,it was orig givin to burt right after filming part 2 in early 80 and he gave it to jerry cause he was to do a ad for the new 81 trans am sometime in july-sept and was gonna be presented with a new one so i dont know why the CMHF had to falsly state it was the only one left over from part 2 i guess to bring in people?im posting a couple pics from 93 when it was last in CMHF before they if we agravate them we might be able to get it back on display in time for the next bandit run!!!!!