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Well today was the first test and tune of the season at lancaster Speedway but timing problems saw the start moved back to 2:00pm and I had to leave at 3:00 pm so I only got a few pics of the cars, but the best part of the day was my wife and I drove to Erie, Pennsylvania as part of a relay team to help transport five beautiful dogs who were scheduled to be murdered at a shelter in Kentucky to a no-kill shelter in Massachusetts. We drove to Erie and then transported them back to Depew NY(202 miles round trip) and handed them over to a great girl who was going to take them on the next leg to Rochester, NY after keeping them over night. We had, Rocky,
half Basset hound and half german Sheperd, Paige, a sweet 6month old part sheperd, part husky and Carly, a 4 year old Akita and hound dog mix. What combinations. These were the sweetest 3 dogsyou could ever imagine. How some fools could turn these dogs into a shelter to be killed is way beyond my ability to comprehend. I hope I can continue to transport these dogs in the future. What could possibly be more worthwhile??