Filed under: 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (SickSpeed)

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Well it turned out that the rear took an extra 4-5 days as the trucking company's warehouse in baltimore was "backed up" but regardless, I got it.

It took me 7 hours to install it by myself with basically 4 jack stands, 2 hydro jacks, and a nice craftsmen set of hand tools. I didnt bother changing the lower control arms as I plan on putting metco lowers and some kind of adjustable uppers on anyway. The rear had a newish set of rubber bushings installed in the top ears too.

The posi REALLY made a HUGE difference, and part of the increased traction can be attributed to the LCA relocation brackets which improved the instant center. It seems to transfer weight a bit better, and when I launch it, it throws me back in my seet... with street tires on the street.

I cant wait to get this thing to the track now and see what it throws down.