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I am looking to have my 83 Olds repainted and was wondering if some of you guys could give me a little insight. I have never had a car repainted so this is new territory for me. The quote I received was around $3,000.00. I am having it repainted factory color and everything done original. The paint on the hood and trunk are starting to crack. As far as body damage the old car dosen't have much. There is the dent in the rear drivers door and a small one in the rear passenger door. It needs the rear bumper fillers and one piece of chrome for the front fender in front of the drivers door. I am going to peel the vinyle top as there is a small place right above the windshield that has bubbled and needs repaired. Does this price sound right? I have had people tell me yes and some tell me no so I am stuck in the middle. The guy that gave me the qoute does good work and I do trust him doing a great job. Since I have nothing to compare to I am not sure if he is in the ballpark with the price. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.