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Well as much as it pained me, I had to get rid of my 35th anniversary edition 2002 Camaro Z28. It just wasn't "kid friendly", or dog friendly for that matter. I could only fit two kids in the car, and I've got four kids, and when I had two kids in the car, I was mashed into the dashboard from having to move my seat up. Let's not forget my 150 pound English Mastiff named Tank that had to ride in the back seat when I had to take him to the vet, man it was like having a horse in the back seat!

So I needed a bigger vehicle! I don't like the look of these new SUV's that are out, and I wasn't going to drive a minivan either! One car that I've always liked that has the room of an SUV, and the utility of a truck while also looking manly is the Bronco! Not the little Bronco II, but the full sized Bronco!

I've been looking for a good Bronco for about a month now, and it wasn't an easy task either. A lot of the Bronco's I found were either overpriced rust buckets, that had been heavily modified, or in bad shape from their owners taking them mudding, and rock crawling. I wanted one that had been taken care of by it's owner, not modified in anyway, and could be driven daily. A lot to ask eh? Apparently so, because after a month of looking I finally found the right one.

It's a 1990 Eddie Bauer edition, and in really good shape. Very clean inside, and out, and everything works. The only thing it needs is a new set of tires on the rear, which is no biggie! I'll be picking it up Tuesday evening, and of coarse once I have it detailed (because I'm anal like that) I'll post some pictures. And yes, I'll eventually be modifying it as well, like it do with all my cars, hehe!

The attached picture isn't a picture of the Bronco I'm buying, but it's pretty damn close!