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So of late it seems that almost every time I see a Ford Focus on the road the driver seems to be pushing the poor thing to its limits.

Let me give a couple of examples:

The other day I was driving down the interstate minding my own business. Had the cruse control set to ~78-80mph & the satellite tunes set to channel 14 Classic (rock) Vinyl. All was good in the world – when this chucklehead decides that he's got a chip on his shoulder.

As I pass a cluster of slower cars (doing say ~70-75mph) in the right lane. As I pass this kid in a Focus jumps out of line and starts to crawl up my arse. As I see an opening I pull over to let the guy pass. But in stead of passing he pulls along side and starts to goat me into running with him. First thought is WTF is this moron's problem?

Another time I'm on surface streets and I've got some precious cargo (my little girls) with me when another brain donor starts messing with me in a similar fashion.

This scenario played out numinous times since I got my Bullitt. To a lesser degree I've had similar in counters with Chevy HHRs, those new VW Bugs, PT Cruiser and even those silly looking Prius hybrids. All seem to take it as a personal affront if I pass them even at the posted speed limit.

So what's the deal folks? I mean I pull up next to Mustang GT500s & even Corvettes and might get a "knowing node" of approval, but rarely do they ever press the issue. Likewise and truthfully a bit of a surprise - is that I've noticed that most of the Ricky racers in their little rice rockets with the huge fart-can exhausts – seem to leave me alone too.

So the question is what are these folks thinking? Do they think I've just got a plain Jane Pony V6 or are they working out their erectile dysfunction frustration?

Personally I think it's the later…;)