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Ok, so I don't get to get Dragonbird back this weekend, but that's ok. I had called my painter, Alan, earlier and he had told me the airbrush guy was suppose to have been over there to look at the car, and he hadn't showed yet, so he told me he was just gonna go over to his house and see if he was gonna do the work or not, and then give me a call back to let me know what's goin on. Well a little later he called me back and told me of their conversation. The guy most DEFINATLY wants to do the work, but he's been so busy, he hasn't been able to come over to look at the car, Alan pretty much told him like it is, "You either want to do the work or you don't" Alan told him "You keep tellin me you're gonna come look at the car and then you don't, these people aren't gonna wait much longer, so are you gonna come look at it or not?" So Alan let me know that the next day the guy would come over and look at Dragonbird, but that he wouldn't be able to do his part until next week. I told him that's fine with me, at least i'll get my airbrushing done :D So I called Alan today to see if the guy kept his word and he did :D He came over and looked at the car, Alan told him what I wanted done and he said no problem, I was also told what he was gonna charge, and I"m very very happy!!!!! Of course the way I am, I never fully get my hopes up, and I never let myself get overly excited until I see the finished product, but I have to admit, I'm having a hard time containing myself, lol :D