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It was too beautiful out today. When I got a call to go pick up some equipment we were having repaired 70 miles away, I was happy to run out jump in my P-car and take a ride.

Hmmmmm.... interstate or secondary roads. This was a no brainer. I drove along the Florida coast with the top out and the windows down enjoying this great day and the great sights.

I stopped off in Grant, FL and took a couple pictures of the Indian River and Grant Island. Grant Island is a small Island (duh) that has houses on it and you can only get to by small boat.

I turned to get back in my 911 and take off and decided to snap off some pictures of it. It was really clean for the first time in ages and the sun was making it look like it was glowing.

Some guy pulled into the lot with his beat up old rusty Toyota pickup truck. He was looking at me like I was crazy taking pictures of my Porsche.

I made a comment to him as I was getting into my car and he was getting out of his truck. Something along the lines of, I must look silly. His reply was a simple and stern, "Yes you do."

As I drove away I thought about that guy, he will never understand what its like to have a passion about cars. Something I have had since I was a teen.

Some people just don't understand our passion for cars and its impossible to explain. You have it or you don't.