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On Saturday 8/23 I got the RH outer wheehouse about 95% done - was looking forward to a whole day of cutting and welding, as I got started about 9:30. Well, all was going well buf I didn't make it until noon until I ran out of welding gas. Of course the welding places aren't open on weekends. Next I tried to at least get the quarter panel patches lined up and screwed into place to make my cut. Turns out these patches don't line up for squat. Luckily there are always plenty of things to work on, so I started sanding the inner fender and core support I sandblasted and epoxy primed. Picked up some satin black paint that is meant for outdoor stuff and seems pretty tough. I am happy with the results.

Now I am going to have to buy a full quarter skin, and I just wasted a bunch of money on these patches. What are you gonna do.