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Hey yall... Some of yall have heard me talk about my youngest son and his lawn mower racing... This all started in 2000 when a group of guys decided to start the AMRA (Alleghany Mower Racing Association) to raise money for the newly constructed fair grounds... Little did they know that a pack of rednecks racing on custom built lawn mowers would turn into a crowd pleasing motor sport that it has become... These guys race in 4 different counties and has raised a ton of money for the fair grounds and volunteer agencies... My son (we call him Snookie) started in the stock class and now races in the 34.5 cubic inch V twin class... He has over 50 trophies and still collecting them... They raced in Wilkesboro N.C. on June 7th and Snookie was battling for 2nd place when he and a fellow racer got together... Now Snookie is a large young man,,, he'll go 6' 1" 260 pounds... He flipped his mower after hitting his buddy in the rear and bounced like a rubber ball... He was't hurt in fact he put it back on its wheels,,, bent his steering wheel out and finished third... I was proud as hell with his showing of determination and grit... I've added a video that my oldest son who films and sells DVD's of each and every race to my Motortopia page... Enjoy and see other videos at his web page