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I won't go into all the details but I have been having a really really bad run of luck over the past year or two. I have been deceited by what I thought were friends, lost my great paying job, just finished up with a nasty divorce, and shut down my personal business building cars and engines due to all the stuff I had been dealing with. They say when it rains it pours and now I believe it.
Anyway, I stopped with the cars and working on them as my car had been taken away from me illegally according to an attorney I hired. She has yet to get any results from the guy that took it. He ignores all legal documents sent, won't sign for Certified letters, answer calls, or anything from my attorney.
It all goes to the start of I thought I made a great friend with a person and worked extensively on his car welding on it, re-wiring it, built an engine for it, and more. I also lent him my tools and MY transmission when he blew his up at the track. Well he offered to do the body work on my car for $2300. We agreed. He found out I was going through a divorce and stuff after he picked his car up and was racing in it already. He finally blew up his motor I built (over 90 passes in 30 days) and I was trying to build his other backup motor for him as well. Anyway he had issues with that motor as well and blew it up also. The rod let go literally !!!! He blamed me for the motor work. All the while being nice to me and still saying that I only would owe him the $2300 for my body work he did. Well all of a sudden he wants over $12,000 for me to get my car back !! He is charging me for his motors that also had over $3000 of my parts in that he never paid for yet. He still has my transmission he BORROWED ALONG WITH MY TOOLS !! So I have been fighting to get my stuff back. THE CAR ISN'T EVEN FINISHED!! HE NEVER BUFFED IT OUT OR ANYTHING!! His employee started to wet sand the car but never finished !!
But through the divorce I had to just file bankruptcy !! He ran into a few of my friends and told them I could have my car back for $4400 now but that was not the original agreement !! ALL VERBAL NO LESS !! SO he took my transmission, car, and tools and put them in some storage facility in hiding for a ransom (my attorney said that) illegally because these are two seperate business deals and that is my personal property !!! So the attorney filed for a Replevin Suit but he still won't cough up my stuff or tell anybody where it is. He won't even talk to my attorney !!
So I am at a sad point in life as I worked exceptionally hard to get my car, worked my butt off on building it to what it was, and now lost it to a crooked deal !! What is a guy to do !! I want all auto enthusiasts to think of how they would feel at this point !!
I lost my job, working for half the money I used to make, got a divorce, Became really ill with Diabetes Type 2, and other medical issues that are serious, filed bankruptcy as I was left with all the burdens of the divorce, pay child support but have joint custody, and working to keep the house I was left with out of the divorce. All these things just happened this past year or so. The health issues were caused from stress and stuff.
So I ask where are all the really good people go out there in this world ??? Can a person trust anybody anymore?? Is everyone out for themselves??? I came up with a simple plan that if anybody wanted to think makes sense or has a real heart and acknowledges a persons distress than maybe I can rely on people and friends in another way.
How about if each person donates or donated to the cause to help get a guys car back when he has lost all hope??? What if everybody donated only $1 or $2 to the guy to see how close he can get to getting his car back !!! Nothing more?? A person cannot buy much with that $1 or $2 anymore but maybe a soda or candy bar. But that even depends on the serving size !! I probably will get into trouble for asking this but I am at my end on what to do so I think I will have to come up with the money ($4400 to get the car back) so I am asking everyone to think about it !! Would you do it to help a cause !! To keep a dream alive !! I haven't been able to go to car shows anymore, I sold everything else practically, so I have no way to get that money but to use this idea I just presented. If anybody wants to I am not begging (well maybe I am) Could this really happen ?? Would you do it. We all send out money to do things for foreign countries in need, buy stupid things we don't need, and spend more than that $1 or $2 doing it. Well would you help me out??? I know I would help people out in this situation !!! I have. I have been burned on a lot of things building motors, parts, etc... and I just keep taking the chance and love of the automotive world to keep doing it. I grew up poor as hell and I worked hard as hell for everything I had. I don't want to lose this car !! These Monza Coupes are rare anymore !! I won't get another one !! So who would help ?? If you want to stay annonamus or just send that $1 or $2 for a good cause PLEASE LET ME KNOW !!!
e-mail me at or I don't get on the computer much anymore due to the finances I don't have internet at home anymore. I do try to find a place to get to the WI-FI to use the laptop.
OR just donate that $1 or $2 to
"Louie The Lizard"
Mark Francis
1340 Rose St.
Lincoln, NE 68502

My # is (402) 217-4879

I have a couple of engines I posted on here for sale on my page that I have left and I need to sell the 68 Mustang I have from the divorce as well and then I can get that money towards getting my car back !! Louie and I have a reputation on the internet and local car shows. I owned that car for several years and built it twice with a lot of blood, sweat, and even tears !! I want my car back !!! PLEASE HELP !!! It is hard for me to look at cars, car shows, racing, and even the parts to the car in my garage when I am out there anymore !! I love that car !! THAT car is all I have left !!!! (MAYBE)

Thank You if you understand !! Sorry Motortopia about this but I ran out of options and nothing looks to be in my favor these days !! If you delete this I would understand !!


Pass it round STRONG KEEPSAKE IMAGES here at motortopia has set up a donation paypal account for Louie the Lizard to help me out !! I cannot figure out how to copy the direct link and paste it but may try tomorrow morning. That is where you can use paypal to help me out !! Thanks Pass it around to all your friends and maybe we can get the word out !! I just found out about it !!