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This will be a short one...

After adding a couple very minor mods to my SC, I discovered that the nice new coil that I purchased maybe 4000 miles ago is bad. I believe the coil was never working properly and ended up allowing for significant detonation in two cylinders. A new coil later, I discovered what the result was. I got maybe .2 mile from my house, yes, two-tenths of a mile, and all of a sudden smoke billowed out from under my hood and out my exhaust. After opening my hood, I discovered that not only did I blow the oil filler cap off, but also the neck that attaches it to the valve cover. Both were still together but no longer on the valve cover. That takes a significant amount of pressure in the crank case. I'm assuming I have a cracked piston thanks to the detonation I presumably had from a bad coil.

So, my modification plans have changed ever so slightly. I already purchased a newer shortblock this last winter and the heads are already being worked over, in a very good way. I'm making plans to replace the stock pedestal mount rocker arm system a mini-shaft system, which, of course, adds to the price of the heads. But in the end, it allows for a much more stable and durable rocker arm system. Oh, and it's capable of up to 8000 rpm, but I doubt I'll take it quite that far...

And I'm going to be hitting the manifold project with a lot more attention as I need to build one capable of supporting the head flow. For you T-bird SC guys, more ino will follow, good or bad. I don't want to spill the beans yet on that project because I don't want to get hopes up for something that may not work. If it works, I'll post up so all can see. Watch SCCoA for more details on that.

So as of now, my 'Bird is officially grounded.