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I met a killer painter named Dan. He shot the hood of my snowmobile black with realfire... The man is gifted and sprays mean realfire!!! -One thing led to another, we talked about projects, 401K's... He basically summed it up: "Muscle cars are appreciating at around 18% compounded continuously and how is that 401K doing? Under 10K is not really enough to retire and the way 401K's are losing money, why not put it in the car and get that thing finished???" -"Um, Yeah!!! Heck YEAH!!!!" -So I cashed the focker out, trailered it over to his shop this past Monday. -Going all black with realfire on the hood, dash, back panel and a trace inside too. I just located a 12 bolt posi with 4.10's on cracklist for $1,200 bucks... Not sure about that, but I WANT IT! Once I get it back from paint, can start putting it back together at last!!! The motor and tranny have been done for 7 years and they just sit in the garage! I started this in 2000, so yeah, I am stoked!!! -Stay tuned Will be posting some pics of it on the trailer on the way to paint, WAHOOO!!!!