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After I graduated from high school, I wanted to get a car that was more my style than the hand-me-down Toyota Camry I had at the time. I wasn't making a whole lot of money, but I was still living at home, so most of what I earned could go to car payments. I found this car at a discount used car lot nearby in an ad in the paper, and called about it right away. I wasn't really all that impressed with it at first, until I learned what these cars were going for. The asking price was well below what the book said it was worth, and my Dad and I managed to talk him down some more. I left the lot with the top down, humming a happy tune (because the radio wasn't working at the time... a blown fuse). I got several years of pleasure from Sunshine, but when she started going through oil and making 'funny' noises (That's not funny - 'ha ha', but funny - 'uh oh'). However, now I can afford the payments on a new car, so I found my MX-5 and sadly bid farewell to my old friend. I still remember her fondly, but I guess her time had come. 204,000 miles is a whole bunch on a little sports car (especially one owned by a young person like me who doesn't really know all that much about how to maintain a car)!