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I want to thank all the people that are helping or have been helping in my quest for parts. I have really found out that there are some really, really good people here on motortopia. I am glad to be a part of such a group of people. I belong to a lot of websites but this one has far the better people on it. It is sad to say I have been getting better results here than my own H-body clubs. AGAIN THANK YOU ALL.
I found a perfect headlight housing 65 miles away that I had to pay dearly for after I pulled it off myself. I also bought another one from a guy in Wyoming that had a broken mounting tab. Not sure if I can fix it but it is a spare none the less. I am still looking for few front end parts but slowly they are showing up from all corners of the world.
An old best friend whom I haven't gotten along with since 1996 buried our hatchets and he started helping me sand Louie down for a new paint job. He has even been helping get the supplies and paint. he is going to shoot the paint as he is our landing gear painter where I work. Louie will definitely be a different shade of green when he comes back out but maybe it is time for a change. I think he will look very nice when we are done.
I also want to thank Monzter C10 ( member) from nearby Ashland for his help in all the work too. He has come down to help out where ever he can on Louie. He even went with me on the road trip to get the headlight bucket. He has been dedicated to helping me when ever he has had time.
Well one quarter panel is started with the sanding and some of the front nose pieces I could salvage from the storm. Progress is slow but it will be better than ever if we just take our time. We are fixing all the stresses of drag racing and the nicks and scratches from the last five years of driving, wrenching, testing clips, hoods, etc... now Louie will even have a custom made hood for him. Something he has not had for years. I will be trying a couple of different ideas.