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I was looking at entrys in one of my "groups" and a guy was talking about the 70's and how great they were. I know that some of you on here weren't even born, but it got me to thinking. I LOVED riding around with a guy who had a "jacked up" car. Remember when it was cool to have a car that was jacked up in the rear and had wide wheels and tires? And the exhaust was loud and rumbling?
As I stated in my entry on my group, I loved being with a guy and pulling up to a stop light. Then my date would put his car in neutral and start revving up the motor. The guy next to ya would do the same thing. Then, when the light would change and if their were no "smokies" in view, they would take off,,,, just for a second or 2, and then let the car idle to the next stop light. I LOVED that feeling when you could tell the car was wanting to fly, but was trying to hold back,,,,,, sometimes the car would even "hop" a little while the pipes were "racking".
Am I totally "out there" or does anyone else remember those times?
I can remember my girlfriend and I having some pretty stupied ideas back then. One night, in 1977, her Dad let us take his silver '77 Stingray to town. We took the T-tops off and we were set. There were some guys from a bigger city that had came to our small town "cruisin". We KNEW who they were and the way they were so stuck on theirselves. WELL, when they started "struttin' their stuff" in front of us,,,, we came up with a plan to get back at them. We pulled up to a stop light and here they came,,,,,ZZ Top playing too loud. So, when they started looking over at us all cocky,,,,, we kinda smiled. Then looked straight ahead. Next stop light, same thing. Well, when we got to "Wal-Mart" to turn around, here they came and they cut us off. So, when they asked us if we wanted to "cruise" with them, we said sure, meet us at such and such and we will park our car. Well, I am now ashamed to say that we took off and headed straight to their hometown and never looked back. We actually meant to stand them up. Why I am remembering that and owning up to it, I don't know.
I guess I just remember the power you had when you had a cool car back then. Even after having 2 children, I could never make myself drive a minivan. Our 9 year old son actually got upset when I brought home a brand new Camaro RS back in 1990. He said "Mom. how am I suppose to get in and out of this thing?" So, I traded it in on a Cougar,,, until they grew up.
I don't understand how come some people can get so wrapped up in the vehicle they drive. I just have always been that way,,,, which was strange for a girl in Oklahoma growing up. I know this is boring to most people, but I was just thinking out loud.