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This is the all NEW Louie The Lizard. Finally after 5 long years or more he lives again !! After all the stuff that has happened like being stolen by Steve Radin / New Finish in 2010 and my shop broken into and parts being stolen about 2 years ago by what was supposed to be true friends. Now I finally got him all back together. I like the car better now than before. Those that remember it or my stories can look back on the old Louie and see the many changes. NEW motor, trans, hood and scoop, lexan windows, paint, body mods, harnesses, fuel pumps and other fuel components, fittings, etc... When it got stolen there was over $7000 in parts taken by Steve Radin / NEW FINISH he charged $2500 for body work and paint before I could get the car back that was NOT worth $12 and was unfinished. He went on to bad mouth me all over the internet about me not wanting to pay my bills etc... Well the joke is on him !! Obviously I pay my bills as how else would I get this car back together if not ??? I want to thank the few people that tried to help me with their donations and support. I want to say to those that took Steve / New Finishes side and believed his crap that you obviously were not friends with me like I thought. I got over it and moved on. So I have not been here in many years but came back to show the ones that believed me and liked this car that I did get it back together and it is in better shape than ever before !!