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I am Spinning15. I am a Thunderbird SC and a Corvette enthusiast. I like Ford Thunderbirds Super Coupes especially Stroked and Blown modified ones. I also like Corvettes and have owned a few for many years of my life, the first one being a 1967 Tri-Power 427-435 HP.My real first car was a 1949 Ford 6 cylinder flathead...
My wife and I presently own a few Thunderbird Super Coupes. They are one of our favorite cars and many people do not know much about these awesome cars. We also like the LX and the LS 5.0L HO. We have one which came with a Lentech Terminator Plus transmission and to top it all off, it's A Bill Elliot Special. It is a 1993 LS with the SC ground effects and everything you can possibly imagine and only has 36,000 miles on the clock! It is a big favorite of ours. We just acquired a Corvette. The Corvette is the newest addition to our collection. We got it as an Anniversary pesent to ourselves, with some luck, hard work and some money we had saved up for this Beauty!!! I guess we can forget about early retirement for now. We love the Fords and working with Fords especially the SC. I especially like older cars like these Thunderbird SCs because of it's potential and was built way ahead of it's time. Being it's a 6 cylinder, it's a real challenge to make it perform at it's maximum capability. It handles great and has gorgeous lines which do not seem to age, just like the Corvettes and the Mustangs. The Corvettes are usually fast already so it will be for special enjoyment for my wife and I to enjoy. After 30 years of work, we are happy to own it!!! Eventually it will be given to my son who serves in the Army as a Chinook Pilot and instructor of helicopters and commercial fixed wing pilot and instructor as well. That might be awhile and a few miles to come yet.

We are also vendors of performance parts for the Thunderbird and accessories for various makes and models. We presently belong to the MN12 Thunderbird Super Coupe and XR7 Cougar&Mark Vlll Club here at Motortopias Awesome site!!! We are also members of SCCoA, TCCoA, SVTOA We have many good friends that are here at this time and are happy that they invited us to join up with them. It is an honor for us. So we decided to join in the group and happy that we did. We have an E-commerce store on line. It's URL is... LLC. We got started 6 years ago on eBay under the ID name of
Spinningwheels-sc and still maintain a store there as well. We are proud to have been accepted here at Motortopia for our business group. That is an honor to us as well. We look forward to working with all of you here! You will see our banner in a few days. We will have something for everyone's needs or wants. We will be sponsoring Challenges with real nice prizes to the winners of certain over all events. We provide products for everyone who needs anything we presently carry. There will be some new inventory which we will have on the shelves soon. We have many parts for almost every vehicle made but mostly at this time we carry a lot of Ford parts. We are especially proud of our Nickel Plated SP Performance Rotor line of brake Rotors and Pads etc!!! We can provide them for any make and model, domestic as well as imported. We also have internal engine parts made in the USA, BHJ Balancers, Scorpion Roller Rockers, Special Cams and spring packages from Comp Cams, Aries and other well known names. We will carry custom rods and pistons, crankshafts, blowers, bearings and many other hard to find parts... New Or Used! Stop by, no matter what you drive. We will keep every one of you in mind so we can keep up with all new car trends and applications. We are also offering certain discounts for special items. Thanks for taking the time to read our Journal. I had to edit this 5 times due to a faulty keyboard and me.
Thank you and we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.
Happy 2007 to everyone...
Victor and Diane