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Recycled from my LJ account, but I figure you guys would possibly be more helpful, if anyone reads this..! lol.


I've been looking for an Impala for about a year now. I neeeeeed one like I need air. Really. I embarked on a search today, once again taking the internet into my own hands and messing with it until I got what I wanted... or not. I don't have an Impala, but I did find one I wanted...

I wonder, is the copyright of a site being old a good reason to avert my eyes? Because I was so excited today, I would have been jumping around like a crazy person was I not sick... then afterwards I found that the copyright of the site selling THE PERFECT CAR was from YEARS ago. Whoops! lol. Oh well... I am still trying.

Next on the agenda.. anyone know where I can score a car? teehee! No? FINE!

I shall continue my search, and hope for some like... help. if anyone can help me, I'll give them a cookie. A big one.

While on the topic, everyone should totally go and contribute to the 41 Days of Metallicar on alias_chick 's LJ. We're up to like, day 24 or something, and it is great fun. Plenty of pretty things. Try it out.

*head bop of doom* gotta sign this off now because I'll get uber random if I don't. Ciao belli!

.. I am crazy. And in NEED and SEARCHING MODE for an Impala. a 67 4dr hardtop - PILLARLESS, PEOPLE. lol.

*breathes* Any help? I love help. :)