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Well here is the scoop on the IROC guys. Right now she is down for the count. I haven't gotten a whole lot done with her. I been very busy the las few months and haven't had the time to get new pics up of her current state up. when i do I must warn you that the images some may find disturbing, viewer descretion is advised lol. The only way I can fix her the way she needs to be is to rip apart another car. But unfortunitly she has taken a back seat so I can get the other stuff that needs to be done first. But back to the IROC, when I pulled the tank I saw how cancer she really has. It is all fixable but its going to take time. There were maybe five spot welds on either side of the quarters in the rear that were holding her together. i got the driver's side done in April but haven't worked on her since then. Hopefully I can get some pics up of her in her current state this weekend no promises. Have fun guys and remember...burn that gasoline and smoke those tires,