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I now have 200 miles on the new engine. Its running strong. I had to pull some fuel out of the fuel maps and tweek the timing a bit.

I am surprised how much torque this new engine has with its porting. I know, I know, there is no way a rotary has torque. Well, I took off in second gear this morning (not awake yet) and I have NEVER been able to do that in the past, and I have a 9.5# flywheel now too. On top of that I barely touched the gas.

I filled it up with gas today, tank #1 is done and I am #2 of about 10 tanks I need to run through it before the break in is complete. I got 15MPG and considering the first 50 miles of that tank was pig rich and it was all city driving, I am happy.

I would imagine 20MPG on the highway may not be out of reach.

I had one of our work trucks detailed today in addition I had the RX done up too. I looks a lot better with a coat of wax on it.

I have one A-hole incident, I was driving with my son to a sand castle building fund raiser and some moron in a pick em up truck decided he need to fly up on me and tail gate me for 2 miles. I was in a 40 MPH zone already doing 65 and he had to be doing 80-90 to run up on me like he did. We came up on a traffic circle and I smiled. On the other side of it he was no longer on my bumper and a few buses back. LOL! I may not be able to floor it yet but it can still turn good.

Speaking of which, I had been driving the 911 for so long and with the RX7 off the road so long I forgot how well it cornered.

I went around a traffic circle last night and I was amazed how fast I could take it. This struck me as funny because I used to think the RX7 was a handling nightmare with street tires vs. slicks. Its been too long......

I cannot wait to get the break in done so I can tune her and unleash the GT35R.....