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This is an album of my car "Louie the Lizard" It has been redone inside and out since it was stolen in 2009. I got it back in 2011. It was stripped and damaged. I almost gave up on it and hated seeing it in the garage the way I got it back. At least I did get it back. I want to THANK the few real friends on here that supported me with the car and believed my story. Those that didn't care or thought the theft was bull crap etc... the joke is on you. I recovered even through getting laid off my job, a nasty divorce, and even bankruptcy. It has been an up hill battle with life but a couple years ago I met a group of people on facebook that inspired me to get the car back together and not part it out or sell what was left. I worked my butt off to get it done. Even when the odds looked grim. They were doing the very first ever Vega Nationals meet. I made it there only to be rained out. BUT the story is I got the car back together without much help from friends. Just my current wife, my son, one brother-in-law, and a couple of true friends. One repainted the car two weeks before the 1st ever Vega Nationals for free just to help me make it. These pics were taken by a photographer that was also taking pics of my son and my step son for their senior pics. I was honored when they asked to take the pics with the car. This album is a tribute to the ones that helped me get this car back into what it is now and the few that supported my cause. Some updates were done to make it better with one last one hopefully coming this winter. Pics will follow once it happens. Enjoy my rebuild and album hopefully more than my before albums.