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So last saturday, the 11th I had my new turbo, intercooler, injectors, fuel pump and boost control solenoid installed on my 2007 WRX. I was so excited to finally break the 300 AWHP mark, and I knew it could be done easily after talking to the tuner that day. Of course we had both agreed to not take it much over 310 until I had built my engine and transmission to hold the extra torque and pressure being pushed through each.

So Im there watching Tim Bailey work his magic on a couple other cars befroe tackling mine. He was making the power curves, boost lines and A/f lines so smooth it was almsot hard to believe.

Well here comes my turn. We roll the car up on the Mustang AWD in ground dyno, Im like a kid at Christmas by now. We fire the car up, roll the dyno to establish some numbers. Im at almost 280 HP already, too easy I think. Well we runt he car two more times trying to adjust the wastegate pressure and fine tune it all for a nice steady baseline map. We think we have it, we run it up, hit 302 HP and 298 ft/lbs of torque, but we notice that it wasnt very smooth and the car didnt sound right. Well apparently I had a turbo made on friday. The snap ring wasnt installed properly, which allowed the cold section to seperate and the compressor wheel dug into the cold section. So now no turbo, no car for a week now. Im waiting to get my replacement turbo to try again....

...Wish me luck.