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Check out the gas prices in that picture. Not, it isn't Photoshopped--those are actual prices seen Tuesday in the San Francisco area!

With oil prices up to a record $109 a barrel and the increased warm-weather fuel demand just around the corner, gas prices in the U.S. are certain to rise over the next several months. Some are even predicting the rest of the country could see prices like those in the picture.

Assuming prices do rise, how will that affect your driving habits this year? Will you participate in fewer car- (or motorcycle-) related events? Will you continue the same level of participation but cut down driving in other areas, such as family vacations or commuting to work? Or will you just clinch your teeth and dig deeper into your pockets? And how high do the prices need to go before they DO cut into your participation? And for those of you outside North America who already live with high gas prices, how does that affect the hobby in your country?

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