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Hey guys its been awhile since I've been able to give ya all an update, life's been busy. Here is the scoop with this area of the woods. The 74 needed a carb rebuild and then I had realized that the float was screwed. I had to put a cam, timing chain and sprockets, and lifters in my dad's 80 GMC truck. The IROC finally got into the garage to get some much needed metal surgery and gas tank and fuel pump, but that has hit a stand still being I need a donor car to get her fully fixed. And no for the real bad part the Monster (beretta) is in some bad shape. She won't last much longer, the motor is pretty bad (knocking like hell), the underbody is in such bad shape I'm surprised she is even holding together. The CV shafts are really bad and she is having a hard time handling corners. Also there is coolant in the oil and I'm tired of monkeying with her. She has reached the point of no return. I didn't want her to get that way but the last 2 years of her sittin due to time and money constraints I think finally did it in to beyond repair. Its sad to think about, I've had her for 6 years and she has been with me for 2 girlfriends one soon to be my wife lol. She has been through a flood all the way to the hell she went through in Alfred State. I've won races with her and I've also lost races with her. I know I talk as if she is already gone, and she isn't but I know it won't be much longer, and I miss her already. When she goes I will let ya know so those of you have given her trophies and voted for her in challenges can say goodbyes. I know this sounds outlandish, crazy and just plain wierd, but she is a part of my family. To me she is like a pet animal, you grow to love them, curse them at times, and yell at them but no matter what you love them. For all of you have voted for her in the challenges and given me guidance in how to build my project, and given her trophies I thank you. She will still be available for challenges but as a car no longer owned. Hopefully in the near future I will have the opportunity to get another and not make the same mistakes I made with this one. With that I'm going to end the blog, thank you for reading this, I know its long, but thanks for listening guys, until next time have fun and burn that gasoline and toast those tires!

Jeremy (ccz2887)