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Those of you who have been dying to see a movie about intermittent windshield wipers will get your wish on October 25. That's when "Flash of Genius" is released in theaters.

All kidding aside, this actually does look like an interesting story. It is based on the true story of Robert Kearns, a college professor and part-time inventor. Kearns invented the intermittent windshield wiper in his basement, and before long, he has the Detroit automakers interested in his invention.

Thinking he has it made, he is soon in for a shock when he gets shunned by the automakers, and they come out with their own intermittent wipers. The movie follows his long legal battle with the auto makers for stealing his invention.

Check out the trailer. And, start planning now how you are going to ask your wife or girlfriend to go to a movie with you about windshield wipers. :)