Filed under: 1989 Poncho Firebird SE (89TTA)

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This car is the 5 th, 3 rd gen F-Body i have owned and by far the best and the fastest.

This particular car was sold new in Iowa, then spent a few years in the Volo Musem in the mid-west. I do not believe it has ever been a daily driver, nor is it now. I bought the car from a Pontiac Dealer in the Chicago area that collects many rare F-bodies. In fact the car I flew to look at another Pace Car. When I got there that car had a wild cam in it and not very good driveability. I was seeking an original car. So this car was sitting next there as well and was similar in price and mileage bhut was not being advertised yet. I did not like it at first because i did not like the sticker on the door, the tires were mismatched and it had an aftermarket induction system. Well I drove and was hooked. I knew i had to make a deal and drive it back to Texas. I asked the dealer to swap the wheels and the induction sysytem from the other car which he declined, but we managed to work a deal out anyway. The pontiac dealer recevied this car in a trade for a 70 Chevelle. Thar owner was a Buick guy that bought this car from Volo. Being a buick guy, he hated the way it rides, very tight suspension.

Anyway, these cars are a total kick in the pants to drive. Truely a sit down and strap in ride. There is tons of power and no traction control like todays cars. The back wheels break loose easily with too much boost. Second gear doesn't chirp, it screams.