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now this is only when im gettin ready for a show

i use

mothers back to black, on all the plastic trim i.e. around the doors and windows, where the wiper arms bolt in, the trim piece on the trunk ect..

i use the rainx that u pour into your wiper fluid

turtle wax paste was and polishing compound, and i use a buffer for the polishing part, its a 7k rpm random orbital buffer

mothers claybar

for quick detail i use turtle wax liquid ice

armor all tire gel w/the curved applicator (i use this becasue it doesnt throw black across your car when u drive away)

tire bleach to clean the tires

california water blade instead of shammys

california car duster for the dust that settles after driving to the show

my wheels are just painted i guess so i just use soap and water on them and scrub em with a light brush and a microfiber cloth

turtle wax chrome paste for tips, grill, and that stuipd piece on the hood

flitz for the headlights

armor all for the dash and interior leather and trim

detailers brush for the nooks and crannys

febreze auto for the good smell

i have a 12v vacuum for detail at the show and a craftsman 10gal wet/dry vac for before i go

oddly enough i use the walmart 97cent carwash, but i use a diff bucket for the wheels and tires, bottom part of car, middle of car, and top of car

advance auto brand degreaser, toothbrush, and long brush for engine bay

i make sure to keep a fresh coat of engine paint on my muffs

take wheels off and clean all brake dust and scrub my painted calipers

i used "rubberized undercoating" behind the wheels on the fenderwells to make it a complete blackout except for the color of the calipers, struts and springs

and i think thats my routine for cleaning my car for a car show, if i forgot anything i apoligise and ill come back to fill in

think im obsessed anyone?