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Hey gang, it's probably been nearly a year, but I am trying to get back to my old self, and back online to chat and blog to allot of old missed friends.. My family and I have been thru some tuff ordeals this pasted summer but also started a new life for our family.. To begin, just days after our daughter graduated from High School, she was in involved in a horrific car accident, where a young lady walked out in front of our daughter as she was coming home and was killed.. We learned this young lady was drinking and was walking around in the middle of the high way fighting with her mother and the police investigation, showed it as vehicular Suicide, no fault to our daughter. This was pretty hard on our daughter, we were all sadden by this, and for the lost to the other family.. Our daughter is strong and manage to hopefully get by this. She started College later in the month and is doing great in a Culinary School, in Louisville Ky. On our trip taking her, I was rear ended, and the ThunderStratus was severely damage, But after a month of repairs I finally have her back on the road. Yet we were only able to show her just twice this year. I myself am starting to bounce back from a long illness and was just recently release from the hospital after my illness. I hope to start returning to Motortopia now more frequently and talking with some of the great friends I had made in the past on here.. I'm a bit rusty and a big slow, but have patience I hope to talk to all those I have missed since my joining..