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I had one of the original Unisteer manual R&P kits installed. The one that cut your turn radius in half of stock and was sorely disappointed. Finally decided to get PS and heard good things about the Unisteer PS kit. Now that it's installed and I've driven around the block, I do like the performance. It's 2.5 turns lock to lock and the radius feels incredible. ( Maybe because I've dealt with the loss of radius for years ) Turns similarly tight to my 2000 Contour.

Being that I had the old Unisteer kit, I had butchered the column far shorter than the new kit calls for. I figured I'd use my existing linkage if the splines matched. They did, so I was all set. I think the geometry angle is better this way too. I have the Heddman 351w swap shorty headers and a hydraulic clutch, so space isn't much of an issue on my application.

I did have to cut 1.25" off the tie rod shafts of the rack, and also had to elongate the mounting holes to get it to clear the lower control arm mounting bolts AFTER grinding / cutting the lower control arm mount as required in the documentation. I have an OEM Autozone starter which the rack clears. The brass? skirt fastening bolt is close to the boot, but clears.

My rack was NOT centered when it arrived, so I had to re-raise it and remove the tie rod ends to adjust. Before raising the car, I found where the centerpoint was on the steering wheel and made note of the location ( about 1/6 turn counterclockwise). I made sure the tires were straight then disconnected the tie rod end linkage. Turned the wheel to the noted position then adjusted and reattached the tie rod ends.

I had to grind my water pump where the bracket mounts to get the pulleys to align properly.

I would recommend connecting the hoses before installing the connection to the steering column. The lower buckle makes it tough to tighten the return line to the PS pump.