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Project FRANKENHAWK is 98% complete and just needs a few tweeks here and there.

Working on those custom door panels.

The old plastic that seems to come apart in pieces, when you remove them from the door, has a thick fiberglass and resin makeover (front and back).

If you decide to repair these, as I did, you MUST grind the underside, so that it's smooth, straight and level.

In a few days I will take new pics and show what I've done. Pics won't be available for the front piece though, being that its' covered in leather.

As of 5/4, I contacted Sanderson Headers and was informed that the modified headers (BSV8) to fit the Skyhawk was on its way. They are ceramic coated.
These were custom fit to work in this car with a '66 300 cid.

Originally, so that the Buick Special exhaust manifolds would fit, the steering box was shimmed OUT to bring the steering coupler IN, motor mounts have 1/2 spacers to elevate engine and frame mount bolt holes were elongated to shift motor towards passenger side slightly.

For a great set of Well Constructed, AMERICAN MADE headers, give these guys a call.

The service for me was EXCELLENT and I'm absolutely thrilled at the quality of these headers.
As you can see from my dealings with them, they will custom MODIFY their stock, within reason, so that it fits your "H" body.

Anyway, that's it for now.