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Alright everybody...time for an update on my never ending project car. The Monte Carlo has been stripped of its original 350 and TH350 trans. I have removed the rear be disassembled and set up with 4:10 gears (purchased) and a Limited Slip diff (not yet purchased). I have the new transmission complete and ready to go in...completely refreshed with a B&M shift kit and TransPak clutch discs. The engine is fully assembled...i had to change intake manifolds from the Torker to a Victor Jr.(the Torkers twisted carb flange wouldn't clear my valve covers.) My plans are to install the transmission and engine as one...but I have yet to purchase my torque converter...(a Boss Hog from ACC Performance...) I decided to get rid of the bulky A/C system all together, so I called up AGM Industries in Colorado and got hooked up with one of their awesome AC Delete covers! ( I have it assemble with a new fan and motor but not installed yet...I cant wait, its gonna be a sweet, clean look! I would recommend them to anyone looking to get rid of the AC system on their project car/truck...they have a wide selection of covers for many applications. OH! OH! Oh..I almost forgot the best part new wheels! It cost me a 3 1/2 hour ride down to Asheville NC, but I picked up a sweet set of Weld Racing Pro Stars on ebay!!! Skinny's (15x3.5") in the front and fat (15x10") 295's in the rear...With red Bow Tie centers! I tried 'em on before I pulled the rear and they fit great and look awesome! After watching Hot Rod Drag Week '09 the other day on DVD...I've once again got the fever! If the snow ever melts I'm gonna fly into this thing wide open!!!!lol If all goes as planned, set a goal for mid August to have it on the road!