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Sens my race, me and the club have found tones of stuff that need to be done to Roxy. I think we are going to start with DOT approved racing slicks. The tires I am running now don't get much grip on the street or track, just want something a bit stickier. Next on the list is suspension. The shocks right now are way soft because there old. So we are going to get new springs and shocks at the same time and lower her about 1.5 - 2 inches. I think with a lower stance and stiffer ride she will handle better and squat more out of the hole to give better grip. Last thing we want to do is upgrade the supercharger pulley. We are looking at a 10 -15 % and a better inner cooler. One other thing we are looking at doing is finding a way to put a trans cooler in. The trans is running way hot and we need to cool it off some.

The WRX I raced was definitely not stock and I was very impressed that I was able to keep up with him. But, I think with the up grades we are looking at doing I will be able to take him. Better handling, faster out of the hole, and faster exel out of the turns and I will be able to do more then keep up. I will be able to beet him out the hole or at least catch him.

O ya, I am def. going for the rematch.