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Been working on the Vega like a mad man for a while.

Back is paying for it, (sore) but it will be worth it when I fire it up and hear the sweet sound of open headers disturbing the peace around here. ;-) hehehe.

I have the engine almost ready now. Everything is hooked up except the distributor, exhaust, between the headers and the old exhaust pipe, and the oil pressure gage.

You can see a picture of the tranny cooler I put just over the wheel wells (under the hood) and the computer fans that I have (before I put them on) installed to help keep things cool.

I have a couple Z-28 fender vents I'm going to install on the hood just over the coolers to help with air flow.

I want to get it running in time for Cruise nite this Sat. (At the Sonic on San Mateo, in Albuquerque.)

I still need to install my security switches and do tons of other stuff like upholstery, carpet, overhead pannel and lights, sound deadening, the rear view camera and the stereo system, but when I can drive it, you bet I will. The rest can wait!

More as soon as I can get-er-done.