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My 1973 Vega GT - Millionth Vega & 1976 Cosworth Vega are featured in the March 2014 issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine. Richard Lentinello, Editor for Hemmings photographed the cars at my Long Island residence and Terry Shea, Editor in Chief, penned the well-written article. The March issue is out now ($4.99) - The GT is featured on the top of the cover. Below is a sample from the 6-page article.

Chevrolutionary! "By all accounts, the Chevrolet Vega seemed to be the right car at the right time when it debuted late in 1970 as a 1971 model for General Motors. Small, attractive, economical to buy and efficient to own, the sporty and thrifty little car--available in two-door notchback and hatchback variants, as well as in station wagon and panel delivery models--marked big changes at GM, upending nearly 60 years of the way Chevrolet did business.
From its revolutionary die-cast aluminum engine block, to its small dimensions, to its innovative manufacturing and distribution techniques, the Vega screamed "New," though its design was otherwise relatively conventional..."
"The Vega was an immediate hit, enjoying a few good years in the showroom, but was ultimatley undone by a host of quality issues that plaqued the car in its early years and damaged its reputation almost beyond repair." Despite fixing these problems in the ensuing years—and turning the Vega into pretty reliable car—it was too late, and the model was finished by 1977." "Given the many jabs taken at the Vega in the ensuing decades since it went out of production, it takes a special kind of person to embrace the Vega. Fortunately, Robert Spinello is not your average collector. His garage includes not one but two, ultra-low mileage, limited-edition Vegas, both unrestored originals, and so pristine that the Monroney stickers have never been removed from the windows."

"Big, round gauges and simulated engine-turned dash perfectly fit the sporty Cosworth Vega, with its high-strung and powerful 16-valve four-cylinder engine." " Millionth Edition Vega's striking color combination of Bright Orange paint with a wide white stripe down the middle is mimicked on the flashy interior, complete with orange carpet. Who says the Seventies had no style? As with his Cosworth Vega, the owner keeps this ultra-low mileage car in as-new condition."

Hemmings Classic Car March 2014 - Vega GT / Cosworth Vega gallery
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Image: My photo taken at the Hemmings photoshoot, Nov. 2012