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First off, my WS6. A friend and I went to the dyno on 7/12/08 and tuned my car. I ended up with 334/339 but he wasn't 100% for sure about my 90/90 setup so I could probably get more out of it. On the way home, the fuel pump started making a really loud whining noise so I've not driven the car since. I should've already had a fuel pump ordered by now but I'm a great procrastinator! (Note: That's still my original, first, stock fuel pump that is in my car-120k miles, almost 9 yrs later!!)

Secondly, Dad's GTO. He's been needing 2 rear tires and hasn't gotten them. We were planning on going to a local track this past Friday night (7/18/08) and Dad decided to look at his tires before we left. They are so "slick" they look like they are coming apart on the inner sides. I've only been telling him for 3 months he needed new tires! Needless to say, the GTO will be parked until he gets 2 new tires for it.

Lastly, the Sierra. It's lovely. I spend half a day at the shop on 7/15/08 to get about 6 issues looked at. The first was a noise in the front left that sounds like a shock/strut. All they done with that was grease the steering shaft. No idea why but it's still not fixed. The second was the buttons on the steering wheel work sporadically and they are ordering new buttons. The third was the rear camera wouldn't work in reverse but in drive. They claimed a piece of the connector wasn't connecting and somehow fixed it. The fourth was the battery died the day before and Dad charged it back up. They seemed to find nothing wrong with it or the alternator or anything, even though the voltage needle was staying at 14 and is now over to the left, all the time. The fifth was the woodgrain trim on the front passenger door looked almost "bowed" out in the middle which they claim was due to a missing clip and have ordered it. The sixth was some leaks we noticed the prior Sunday while it was pouring rain here. It was leaking around the rear seatbelt holes and they diagnosed it as a sunroof frame issue and have ordered a new one. Should be interesting when I go back to see if they are going to actually fix it!