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With the cost of fuel these days one would think that its emparritive to find a vehicle that you can commute to and from work on a daily basis soley to be able to afford the other cars in ones fleet. Theres always the next big event one wants to attend whether its a car show, race, road coarse or rally (bandit run) and far too often the average person just can't afford to attend everything out there that we would really like to driving the gas guzzlers or the cars that we want to save for such events. Thats were my Geo has played such a big role in my fleet. Its not the grandest of cars to brag about but its one that gets good gas mileage even with 240K mile on it. This one is actually Geo2. Bought intially for a parts car for Geo1 which has 425K miles on it and its still going. My step son has taken its reins as he needed it to commute back and forth to big "D". I'm convenced that these cars are a supurb quality car if they are taken care of, they will last a loooooong time as I have experienced. Both cars still to this day get at least 32mpg. Geo was a joint venture with Chevy/Toyota and made an excellent product, its too bad that they stopped making that line. Granted you could get the same car in the Toyota Corolla line as its the same car, but in the Geo line I had a little more American pride in the product. I'm not saying that foreign is better. But I do try to buy American 1st and foremost and then if I can't then I will have to bite the bullet so to speak. Since I've put this car on the garage page I've been challenged 5 times and have yet to accept the invitation, mainly because those cars challenging me are far better looking cars, and I'd have to vote for them as well. LOL So in the mean time I'll just keep puttin back and forth to work in the daily commuter Geo getting 32+ mpg. Until then ya'll take easy!