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In 2009 I will begin issuing a new series of Dash Plaques with in the Muscle Machines Series these are the Pony Cars and will be handed out at the USMCF's trademark event the Pony Car Showdown in Williamsport, MD. The first preview of this series has now been released and is featured here on Motortopia. The Mercury Cougar Eliminator will start this series off this summer in Williamsport MD. 2010 will feature the legendary, Pontiac Trans Am.
Stay tuned to find out which Pony Car will follow. Will it be the Challenger, Javelin, Mustang, Camaro, Cuda or AMX. You'll have to wait to see but in the meantime I will look at your suggestions, Comment your vote for the next Pony Car Series feature car below.
And as always if you like what you see in the Muscle Machines Series be sure to give it a trophy.