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So this weekend I went over to help my soon to be brother in law Mat I have posted a blog up before on his Beetle regarding the stripping of it for it to get resprayed, well on Saturday he got a new chase and motor at a steal for only R 2 200.00 the motor is the 1600 SP beetle motor that has been totally rebuild and the chase has been sandblasted and rust treated so all we need to do is rubberize the bottom, it also has new shocks so all we need to do is unbolt the body of the old chase and pop it on to the new chase.

I will add a video clip of us starting the new motor, all we did was use a battery and jumpers we put the black jumper on the negative of the batter and on the exhaust to earth it and then the red jumper on the starter and positive side of the battery then ran a cable from the coil to the positive of the battery and took a wire from the starter that I touched on the positive of the battery and walla she started…..

So we started the stripping work now officially 1st we had to remove the fender that took longer then expected as of the rubberizing we had to cut away with a stanly knife to get the socket on to it once that was off we had easy access to the bolts that keep the body to the chase there are 8 bolts on each side two on the front and on the suspension one on each side, so they are all off now so now it is just on the motor side then we can lift the body off and get it 100% prep for spraying it.

We still got loads of work ahead of us but the new chase and motor is good motivation..