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This past weekend I completed some more work on the Camaro. Friday I put new front brakes on the car - rotors, pads & calipers. Since the calipers were new, I painted them red and they turned out pretty nice. You can kind of see them through the rims. I also installed new rear interior side panels that I got off ebay. The ones in the car had speaker holes in them and they looked aweful. I had to take the back seat out to put in the new panels and when I looked under the rear package tray, I found 2 huge holes in the rear deck. Someone cut them for subwoofers and then installed cut-to-fit hockey sticks to support what was left. I'll probably have to weld in a sheet of metal there because there's really no structural stability in the rear deck now.
Saturday I discovered that the air hat on the engine touched the underside of the hood when closed. I thought I'd have more room. So I had to buy Moroso frame motor mounts to match the Moroso engine mounts I took off the week before. With the new lower solid motor mounts, I now have about 1.5" of clearance under the hood. I'm pretty excited about not having a hood scoop on this car. However I ran into a new problem because the engine is so much lower - when turning the wheels all the way to the right the pitman arm knocks the hose off the back of the power steering pump. It's always something. I painted the flex-a-lite fan to match the motor and installed it too.
Last week I bought a 2.5" Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system. The kit looks awesome. My friend started trying to fit stuff, but it's going to be a challenge since there's a full frame under the car. Exhaust will probably be installed in a couple weeks. I think I'm going to take a week off of working on the Camaro - the wife's getting angry.