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Well it's been a while since my last post and allot has happened since then. The Cutless is gone. The wife changed her mind and wanted a motorcycle instead. So I bought her an '80 Honda CM400t. Great starter bike but she is already out grown it and is itching for something bigger.

Picked up another car for free about 4 months ago a '96 Dodge Avenger (DOHC 2.0l, auto) with two bent valves in the head. Pretty good on gas and is our daily driver now. Wife likes it so all is good.

A little over a month ago picked up a '96 Plymouth Neon (SOHC 2.0l, auto) for $400 for my stepson. Same problem as the Avenger but it had 4 bent valves and need a cam and rocker (worn out). Car was in decent shape and will be a good first car for him.

After I finsh putting a new audio system in the Neon I will finally get back to working on my Monte. No more projects. '08 will be dedicated to getting the 'Krush back on the road. The only obstacle (as usual) is cash.