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Hey everyone! It's been a while...I hope you all have been doing well. I have been having a great summer so far and I keep forgetting to let you all know!

First, my Saturn is doing very well. Getting new tires next week!

My dad bought a 1978 Yardman moped back in May. It was running! Then I drove it around the block, parked it and then the motor was seized! I unseized it and got it to run but not well. At this point it needs the carburetor adjusted to run correctly, then we can get it registered and on the road! I will upload pictures at some point.

My girlfriend got a new puppy in April. His name is Parker and he's a lab mix. He's a lot of fun and has thrown up twice in my car :)

I graduated from high school in June! I'm going to a community college in Rochester for GM auto service and doing an internship at a Cadillac dealership! I'm very excited!

I have been working on models and have like 10 more to build, Will try to get pictures up for you all to see!

Last but not least, you all know I collect license plates I'm sure. Well I joined ALPCA (Automobile License Plate Collector Association) because this year they were having their annual convention in Rochester, NY which is 10 minutes away from me! I went and completed my 50 state run of license plates. I also had some help from a collector group on Facebook. I am always looking for more to trade with! I usually pay $1-2 per plate. If you have any laying around please let me know! i will get some pictures of them up too!

Thanks for reading my post! You all are great friends and I hope to talk to you all soon! Please let me know if you do have any plates though! I do appreciate it! Any state, year or condition! Thank you again!