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I know have not been on here much but have to share this. My wife and I are heading to our 18 year anniversery and she is so giving to our family and me will always put us first before her self. Three years ago she let me trade her 2005 Mustang for 2010 Malibu to help with me getting better transportaion for our business. Well things are doing well and now it was tiime to pay my wife forward.

Last week I traded the Malibu and could not resit with my surprise with this new 2013 Mustang! She thought when we went to the auto show last week that we were just checking things out. Well guess again honey. I wish I can afford the Shelby but I know she will love this one just as much!

Will get more pictures up later but had share with everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend out there!!

Oh and yes I still have my Trans Am Keeping it!! Just need to get new clutch in it soon! Wife and I can play chase!!