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I first met my husband in 1969 and from the first day I met him I knew he had a passion for old cars. He had a lot of old cars over the years from a 1933 Anglia to a 1955 chevy bel-air but he never got one complete before he would sell it or trade for another car he liked better Then one day in 1999 he and my son brought home a 1972 chevelle ss that they were going to restore nad eventually talked me into it
To my surprise in a little over a year they had completed the restoration they had built a show car that was set up for burnout contest's They showed the car all summer long always wanting me to come and i never did till the Christmas parade when I rode with my husband
They had placed us right in front of Santa and every so often the police would open up a spot and my husband would do a burnout. The first two times this happened all I wanted was out of the car I was so embarrassed what if one of my co workers saw me? I thought the kids were yelling for Santa until about the third time when I noticed they yelling things like smoke em, burn em, light em up and rev it up and then they go ecstatic when we did a burnout and then some of my co wokers came up to the car during the parade telling me how cool and all kind of positive adjectives Well by the end of the parade I had had a great time and was hooked.
i went out to the garage the next day to help remove the Christmas decorations and began cleaning up a bit when i found a box of trophy's and plaques and when I asked where they wanted to put them I was surprised when I was told back in the box I immediately asked why and was told they don't matter Very confused I asked yall have built this car spent all this time and money finally toke it to some shows and won some trophy's and they don't matter Well what does matter?
My son with a big smile said these as he pointed to a small place on one of the walls of the shop where a group of little plaques were stuck to the wall And of course i said well what is that he said these are dash plaques from all the charity shows we have attended and that figure underneath is the amount of money that was raised for charity and they total up to a little over $200,000.00's and next year we hope to do over $500,000.00's
Then he went to telling about each event This was a volunteer fireman's show and we helped raise over $10,000.00's for fire equipment and this one was for a sunshine shelter for under privileged kids and on and on
by the look on their faces i nicked named the wall that day and it became the wall of pride
I decided that I would go to the next show with them because I wanted to find out more of what this was all about. Well i haven't missed many shows since then and i have made friends with a lot of people we see at the shows from 5 dufferent states and most don't even get their cars judged unless they have changed something and want the judges to critic the changes
We even went to a 300 car show that was giving out 150 awards and couldn't give them all out because didn't enough cars get judged
Show cars are a big part of my family now and we love it my whole family is involved including my daughter and son-in-law all together we have 14 cars
So when you ask how many trophys has my car won and I say about $5,000,000.00's worth i hope you understand
To true car people its not about the wining its about a gift of love and giving of your time and investment towards raising money for charity
i would like to see some sort of contest on Motortopia to see how much money every one can raise for charity each month by listing the shows and how much was raised at all the shows they attended.
I think this would be closer to what we all want than what we have now
Or we could try to meet goals as a group say start out at $100,000.00's the first month till we get enough people participating to start raising our goals

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