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1) Get a coat of wax on it before storing
2) Store with a full tank of gas and fuel stabilizer
3) Cover all tail pipes with a sock to prevent critter and chrome damage
4) Alot of people ensure all fluids are topped off
5) a Good cover
6) Remove battery and put on trickle charger and if storing on garage floor, put a board down first to prevent change in temp and battery drainage
7)Remove any items from inside interior or trunk so that things like a misplaced ink pen will not explode and damage.
"If it can be removed then do so"
8) Since mice walk along walls, place mouse traps along walls to deter mice and critters
9)Lay down a plastic tarp "painters plastic" under the car to avoid moisture during storage
10) put on jacks if planning to store more than 5 months to avoid "flat spots" on tires