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I received a lot of questions after posting my "Cayne" album. I'll try to answer them for everyone.
I'm not an artist but have always "dabbled" in all kinds of crafts-In 7th grade I took up leathercraft as a hobby. Classmates wanted me to make them bracelets and belts also. The proceeds from my hobby, bought me my first 2 cars and turned into a profession for many years.
In high school I was the first girl in our school to INSIST that I be allowed to take woodworking. (It was 1971-girls don't take shop, they take HOME MAKING!!!!) As a result, We ended up building our log home and I took up wood carving. I have been a garden center manager for the last 13 years
Cayne was rusted out, originally that medium blue metallic paint. The murals were my way of being able to cover up the bondo. What was it like to drive a mural? The kids at school thought it was cool! My Dad used to take the car to the grammer school that he worked at, because he loved the attention also. The cops also loved it! I learned the phrase " I pulled you over, because I thought your registration was expired". But, they never gave me a hard time( after they couldn't find any drugs in the car. It was the 70's! There MUST be drugs in a car like that! My registration said"Blue". ( There was still blue on it). What happened to the car? Because of mechanical problems, I sold it to a guy that owned a lawn mower business. It sat on his lot for years, then finally disappeared.