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1985 Chevrolet Corvette Model

“Mellow Yellow”

2000 Chrysler Concorde NASCAR model

“Scale Auto Magazine Concorde”

Photo of: 1985 Chevrolet Corvette Model
Photo of: 2000 Chrysler Concorde

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About “Mellow Yellow”

This is the model my dad built for me for my 16th birthday. I had told him as a joke that I wanted a yellow Corvette for my birthday. I knew he was building the model but he told me he was doing it for a guy at work. When he gave it to me, he told me that HE was the guy at work he was building it for! The plate on the front says "1985 VET" and the vanity plate on the back says "SWEET 16" He likes adding details like that. It's a 1985 because that's the year I was born!

I'll only accept challenges from other model cars with my Corvette model!

About “Scale Auto Magazine Concorde”

(Since this is a 1:25 scale model and not an actual 1:1 scale car, I'll only accept challenges from other models, diecasts, and toys against it.)

Back in 2000, Scale Auto Enthusiast magazine held a model contest in celebration of their 20th anniversary. They bound a set of decals into the anniversary issue of the magazine, and the only guideline for the contest was that the entries had to display these decals, or at least most of them. The entries ranged from NASCAR stock cars, Indy cars, Sprint cars, and drag racers through a magazine delivery truck! I built two entries for the contest (meaning that I had to go out and buy an additional copy of the magazine in addition to the one I received as a part of my subscription!), this Chrysler Concorde and a 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo NASCAR Sportsman Series car (See my "Scale Auto Magazine Monte Carlo"). In 2000, Chrysler Corporation had announced that they would be re-entering MASCAR competition the following year, but hadn't announced which body or bodies they would be using. My hands were tied - I wanted to build a car that nobody else would enter, so I had to use a body nobody else would think to use. There weren't any 1:25 Dodge Intrepid models available at the time, but AMT did offer a Chrysler Concorde snap kit, and it's body was perfect for what I had in mind. By cutting open the hood and decklid, fabricating clear windows to replace the kit's black plastic ones, and mating that body to a different model's NASCAR Winston Cup chassis, I had my "Phantom" Scale Auto Enthusiast Magazine Winston Cup car.


Specs for “Mellow Yellow”

You'll have to ask my dad, CorvairJim.

Specs for “Scale Auto Magazine Concorde”

AMT/Ertl 1:25 scale Snapfast Slammers series "Street Heat" Chrysler Concorde model body mated to a 1:25 scale Monogram NASCAR Winston Cup chassis.


Factory Options for “Mellow Yellow”

You'll have to ask my dad, CorvairJim.

Factory Options for “Scale Auto Magazine Concorde”

None - This model is custom from it's roof flaps to it's Goodyear Eagles.


Mods for “Mellow Yellow”

You'll have to ask my dad, CorvairJim.

Mods for “Scale Auto Magazine Concorde”

First, I had to strip the factory-applied purple paint with violet tampo-printed graphics (yuck!) Then I cut open and hinged the body's hood and decklid, and added NASCAR-spec bracing under both of them. I modified the wheelbase of the body to match that of the chassis by relocating the rear wheel opening forward a couple of scale inches, and filled the door openings. I also relocated the B-pillar back about 10 scale inches. Then I added the various spoilers, air dams, roof flap details, fuel liller, roof-mounted TV camera, radio antenna, etc required by NASCAR rules. Finally, I sprayed it in a 3-tone combination of Platinum, Guards Red, and black. I had to replace the windows (a one-piece black plastic piece) with separate clear plastic pieces I made to fit the openings, with the appropriate NACA ducts in the quarter windows. The chassis and roll cage were built pretty much box-stock, modified only slightly to fit under the Concorde body. The decals were mainly from the set bound into the magazine, but I added several appropriate associate sponsors from clippings from magazines and advertising circulars decoupaged to the body with clear paint. As a joke, the two associates on the lower quarter panels are Nestle's "Quik" and "Crunch" because in NASCAR, if you're not "Quik", you're liable to get "Crunch"ed!


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