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Sidney, Nebraska
United States


2001 Ford F-150 SuperCrew XLT

“Red Rocket”


Photo of: 2001 Ford F-150

No longer owned


Head to Head


About “Red Rocket”

This truck used to belong to my dad before he passed away. He worked for GM 35 yrs and retired from there, always told me that there would NEVER be a Ford to sit in his driveway. He calls me one friday evening and wants to know what I am doing the next morning. He is trading the Caddy and they GMC in. My thought was oh my god he had bought 2 new vechiles. No. He drives the Caddy (thank you god) and I drove the GMC to a Ford dealership. He pulls in and stops. I got out and asked if he was lost. He laughed. He went inside! Me...I nibbing at all the new trucks. Remember the bright Yellow FX4? That was the one I wanted. He comes out and asked for the keys. I handed them over. He goes back in and I follow. As he is signing the papers he tells the salesman the only reason he bought this truck is because GM didn't make what he wanted. So we ride home in a new Ford F-150. No one thinks to say hey when the truck is moving, the door locks automatically lock. There really needs to be a sensor on those. It takes skin with it and I was left with my upper arm sucked in with it. Nice bruise afterwards that lasted for a couple of weeks. Feel free to laugh, it wasn't the last time it happened to me or to any other unsuspecting passengers.
Time passes jump to 2004....two days before my sons 11th birthday my son and dad head to the lake cottage, that is where Austin wanted his party. On the way up they stop at the same Ford dealership, he was going to trade the truck THAT day for a YELLOW FX4. They didn't have it in stock, so he left. He called that night to remind me to bring the bedroom curtains. The next day (day before my sons bday) they were fishing, swimming, and were about to go to dinner. My dad said come on one last ride on the jetski then we will eat. Little did either of them know that was his last ride on it ever. He died on the lake of a heart attack. He smiled through the pain and told Austin he loved him.
Rest of the story...I am an only child. I got the truck and the insurance he signed up for paid the truck off and repayed me for the 2 payments I had made. Nice company...Only reason I traded it in there was an electrical problem Ford couldn't find and it was only getting worse. Windows would go down but not up. Wipers wouldn't work when needed. Lights inside the truck would flash off and on very quickly. Cellphone charger would blow the fuse. Finally got to the point the truck would stall out. My husband is a mechanic for GM he was clueless too after hours of searching for the issue. I had enough. I did an even trade. The Tahoe had less miles on it and gets a little better fuel mileage. Did you happen to notice that it is the same color as the Tahoe? That was Not planned. I wanted a white Tahoe.

About “”

No about text available for “”


Specs for “Red Rocket”

260hp/350lb-ft 5.4L Triton V-8

Specs for “”

No specifications listed.


Factory Options for “Red Rocket”

XLT trim package
Bucket seats in front
60/40 split bench
Cloth interior
Six cupholders
Power adjustable foot peddles
Power driver seat
Electric windows
Electric door locks
Cruise control
AM/FM Radio
CD player with 6 CD changer hidden in console

Factory Options for “”

No factory options listed.


Mods for “Red Rocket”

Things my dad did:
Spay-in bed liner
Window visor things
Running bar
Tool box
Bug shield
Trailer hitch

Things I did:
Tinted windows
Flowmaster exhaust - to hear me coming
Mickey Thompson Tires - Baja MTZ Radial 285's - to see me coming.

Mods for “”

No modifications listed.


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